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PS 2 Hard Disk Drive (PS2 HDD) was released on July 19, 2001 in Japan (together with the Network Adaptor) and on March 23, 2004 in North America. It requires the Network Adaptor to connect to the PlayStation 2 and to receive power. The HDD has a 40 GB capacity that can be used by games to reduce load time by putting data on the hard drive temporarily, or back up memory card data. Due to MagicGate copyright protection, programs that are bootable directly from the HDD

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Deskripsi Iklan

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  1. nayla /

    bagamana sya pesan program2 tsb.

  2. sampoerna /

    mau nanya
    tadi qw coba ubah fomat hdd di winhiip dan berhasil
    trus cekarang gimana rubah format hdd ps2 menjadi pc kembali tlong infox

  3. thx 4 your science..and i hope you will be the creator always

  4. Ardiansyah /

    Gw punya PS2 tapi hardisknya sofwarenya rusak karena terformat, apakah ada yg bisa berikan aku sofware untuk PS matrix

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